NovoLux puts the powerful health and performance benefits of natural light virtually anywhere.

Just imagine: a brick wall in a hotel basement or windowless ballroom becomes a real-time view of Central Park West. The second bed in a hospital room gets a sunlit window. And every architect has the power to integrate natural light into any structure: from the depths of a cruise ship, to an interior ICU room, to the most subterranean military installation.

DPA Ventures has an exclusive, worldwide license to proprietary NovoLux technology that makes it possible to replicate natural light and a real-time view of the outdoors in any windowless, sunless space. This groundbreaking product is being installed on a limited basis prior to a broader launch.


The Power of Light

Natural light effects how we work, sleep, and heal. Now any room can be naturally lit for better health and productivity.

Vertical Market Solutions

NovoLux is a powerful solution for the health care, defense, architecture, hospitality and real estate industries.