Humans run on the sun.

Daylight determines on a cellular level how healthy, happy, and productive we are. But our modern lifestyle makes balanced exposure to it more difficult than ever. We fight our natural biorhythms and thousands of years of evolution while living and working behind walls and screens. We wither under artificial lights that were designed to brighten our indoor environments with no regard to our productivity or wellness. And when we do get a chance to soak up the sun, we slather on sunscreens because we’ve been told that UV rays are the enemy.

But the truth is, our bodies crave natural light in every form. We need every type and color of sun ray for our human operating systems to function, and without balanced exposure to the full spectrum, we’re sicker and less engaged than ever. Mounting evidence links almost every major chronic health crisis of our time to a deficit of natural light exposure and the disruption of our natural wake-sleep cycles. Our modern disconnection from our primal Circadian rhythms is a trigger for everything from cancer and heart disease to obesity and Alzheimer’s. That’s why NovoLux is an innovation whose time has come.