Window space is always at a premium.

Increasingly, healthy light is too. As harsh fluorescent and energy-sapping halogen bulbs have become our go-to solution in structures where natural light is scarce, our living and working environments have become increasingly counterproductive to wellness and performance. NovoLux offers healthcare, architecture, hospitality, and real estate enterprises a powerful solution to both problems by making virtual window space and the benefits of natural light possible in any room.



Balanced exposure to daylight’s full, healthful spectrum is critical to the well-being of patients and staff in healthcare settings. NovoLux integrates easily into any space, instantly making it naturally lit and more conducive to better physical and emotional health.


Architects have always prized natural light. Its energy efficiency and myriad health, productivity, and aesthetic benefits are unrivaled. NovoLux has the potential to completely redefine daylighting by making it accessible in any structure.


With NovoLux, every room can have a premium view. Whether it’s installed in a basement guest suite,  or a dimly lit ballroom, the groundbreaking technology replicates the real-time outside view and the healthful rays of the sun.


Military environments are often windowless by design or necessity—from subterranean bunkers to submarines. But with NovoLux technology they can be naturally lit to make the spaces more livable and user-friendly.