Natural light impacts our health, wellness, and productivity.


NovoLux was created to make its powerful benefits possible in any structure. Imagine a virtual window easily installed on any solid surface that can mirror the exact view outside. Now imagine the sun’s healing and restorative powers are available to you at the click of a button: ICU patients heal 8.5% faster. Office workers are less burned out. Sufferers of chronic conditions suddenly feel more energetic. With NovoLux technology, it’s real.


Real World Examples of NovoLux


A brick wall in a hotel basement or windowless ballroom becomes a real-time view of Central Park West.

A dimly lit office and its sluggish workers are transformed by a sunny, scenic view that enhances the space’s energy and boosts their productivity.

The second bed in a rehab facility gets a sunlit window that bathes the area with the full spectrum of beneficial UV rays.


The parents of a child struggling with Vitamin D deficiency help him meet his recommended daily allowance by simply installing NovoLux in his playroom.

A windowless ICU suite becomes a sunlit space conducive to healthy circadian rhythms and faster healing.